Visiting Bath and Bristol Bookshops...

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting some lovely bookshops in Bristol and Bath. First stop was Mr. B's in Bath. Tucked down quiet John Street, it's a veritable treasure trove with floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with books, books and more books. There are hot drinks on offer and a comfy chair or two to relax in, plus the staff are brilliant.

I was particularly thrilled to see #mirrordoor on 'Mr. B's perennial favourites and new books to be excited about' table, which is now my new favourite table of all time. Planning a visit? Find out more here. Oh and they have a few signed copies of my book too!

Next on my tour was Waterstone's Bath. They have lovely staff too plus an absolutely wonderful Children's Department. Just look at this:

Did you know it's the largest bookshop in the city? You do now... Oh and they're planning all sorts of fun events so check in with them here to find out more.

Last stop was the brilliant Stanfords in Bristol. I was thrilled to see #mirrordoor cosying up to a Moomin in the window and there was a lovely book display in the children's department too. The staff are fantastic here and give perfect recommendations, plus they have a few signed copies of #mirrordoor left! Find out more about Stanfords here.

I'll be back in the West Country next month visiting more bookshops and libraries. For more news, watch this space!