FAQ about Eloise Undercover

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Eloise Undercover is an adventure set during WW2 for 8 to 12 year olds. Here's a bit of blurb:

France, 1944. 12-year-old Eloise’s father has not come home in over a week, and she is getting worried that something might be badly wrong. When the Germans occupy Eloise’s town, and the Nazi Kommandant moves into Maison de la Noyer, things start falling apart. Through a chance meeting, Eloise volunteers to join the Resistance. Suspense, secrecy and danger follow her as, inspired by her favourite detective fiction books, she tries to find her father. A hidden passage behind a tapestry, a deportation list and a race against time... Will Eloise find her father? And what other secrets will she reveal?

Will I like it?

Well it depends what you like (and we've never met so I can't be 100% sure), but if you'd like to try a bit, click here to read a short extract.

What do other people think about it?

Here are some recent reviews:

"Superb adventure set in Nazi-occupied France, with elements of Anne Frank's diary and echoes of Carve Her Name With Pride. Sarah's characters are top notch and the tension is palpable as the Nazis overrun Eloise's town. Absolutely riveting." - Books Monthly

"An unputdownable story full of twists and turns and as many surprises and heart stopping moments for the reader as for Eloise herself." - Primary Times

"Full of emotion all the way through, the darkness of some parts is tempered by hope and courage. The excitement is maintained throughout, and the vivid descriptions and obvious knowledge of the setting grab the attention." - Parents in Touch

"I was utterly gripped by this story to the very last page." - Reading Zone

Ok. So where can I buy it?

Everywhere! My favourite bookshops are Stanfords in Bristol and Clapham Books in London, but ELOISE UNDERCOVER is available online too from Hive, Waterstones, Foyles and Amazon etc. AND it's available to borrow in libraries. For FREE! I love libraries.

What else?

Ooh the audiobook is out now!