“Wait!” I shouted, “there’s someone up there,” but when I looked back at the top of the house there was no light, there was no fire and there was definitely no face.

Life hasn’t been great for Angela since tragedy took her family away. But Angela is given once last chance when she is invited on holiday with her Aunt Cece and her bratty cousins Kitty and Fliss. 

Angela tries to behave herself, but she knows secrets lie in the walls of their crumbling French holiday home. Soon night time foot steps, flickering candlelight and shadows in windows lead Angela to Julien - a boy who needs her help. But is it too late? Through saving Julien can Angela save herself?

An enchanting timeslip mystery that will capture your heart and keep you guessing to the last page. 

Read an extract from the book.

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"This is a brilliant debut book and a highly recommended read." - Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books
"This story is marvelously spooky and will keep you guessing to the very end as you try to unravel the secrets hidden within this mysterious house." - Book Lover Jo
'The book is magical right from the start. Bringing back to life a classical style similar to Tom's Midnight Garden, you lose yourself in the detailed descriptions that beautifully enhance the reading experience. Sarah is definitely a debut to keep watching out for.' - Serendipity Reviews
‘Captivating and twisty … a well-plotted tale, immersive and fun, with lovely little twists and ghostly reminders of the past.’ - Minerva Reads
"An accomplished début I'll be recommending to many 9-13 year olds." - Playing by the Book
"Harnessing the exciting atmosphere of legendary books like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Through the Mirror Door conjures up an amazing story world filled with danger, memorable characters and breathtaking action." - Lancashire Evening Post
"The story is skilfully plotted. The climax is thrilling, making the book almost impossible to put down. The resolution is even better, bringing an unexpected twist and tears to my eyes. In fact, this book has one of the best endings I've read. I'll definitely be looking out for Sarah's next book." - The Bookbag

'Beautiful friendships, a story steeped in secrets & an aunt to rival Spiker & Sponge...' - Abi Elphinstone, author of The Dreamsnatcher